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Private, one-on-one German classes / one-on-one German lessons / private German tuition at Berlin language school - topics, priorities, purposes etc.: 


The advantages and key objectives of our individual, one-on-one classes in German at our Berlin language school

  • The German teacher can focus 100 per cent of his attention on the student´s needs and objectives.

  • The topics of the one-to-one German classes and the priorities can be negotiated between the learner and the teacher.

  • Specific needs and requirements of the individual student can be met by a tailor-made programme of teaching.

  • Individual, one-to-one German classes are suitable for learners who study the German language for very different purposes - for work, office communication, business, travel, holidays or simply for their personal enjoyment.

  • The progress of learning is maximised because of the very high intensity of the individual German lessons.

  • Practical language skills, such as speaking, listening, reacting, writing and understanding the spoken and written German language, are improved very fast.

  • The student´s confidence in the everyday use of the language is increased by effective oral communication in the German language.

  • Specialized aspects of language teaching, such as business German, technical or scientific German, can be integrated.

  • Topics which are of interest are discussed, depending on the student´s needs, e.g. politics, economics, education, sciences, medicine, history, culture, sports, arts, literature, tourism and travel.

  • Students have the opportunity to immerse themselves completely in the German language by speaking German throughout the lesson.

  • A profound grammatical knowledge, a wide range of German vocabulary combined with communicative competence are built up.

  • At the beginning of the individual, one-to-one German lessons a detailed diagnosis concerning grammar, vocabulary and speaking skills is carried out in connection with an assessment of the student´s needs. Thus the student´s precise level of the language and his specific requirements are taken into consideration and are the basis of the individual curriculum for the German course.

  • Individual, one-to-one classes can start any time throughout the year - in most cases already a few days after registration.

  • The appointments for the lessons are flexibly made between the teacher and the student according to the student´s wishes.

  • The intensity of the one-to-one German lessons (e.g. once or twice per week, every second day, every day) and the duration of the German course are also planned according to the student´s needs.

  • Regular tests throughout the language course provide comprehensive information about the student´s progress in German.

  • The student does not miss any German classes if she or he is not able to turn up for an appointment because he has the opportunity of cancelling and postponing lessons free of charge.

  • At the end of the individual German course the students receive a certificate of attendance, which can also provide information about the contents and key objectives of the German lessons and an assessment of the progress made by the student.

  • Individual, one-to-one German classes can also focus on preparing students for national or international language tests, such as the DSH test (DSH-Prüfung) for students who intend to study at a German university or college.    



Unterrichtsthemen, Schwerpunkte und Lernziele im Deutschunterricht an unserer Sprachschule in Berlin-Mitte und Berlin-Charlottenburg können u.a. folgende sein:

freies, fließendes Sprechen - Übungen zum verstehenden Hören - allgemeines oder fachspezifisches Kommunikationstraining in Wort und Schrift - Vermittlung der deutschen Umgangssprache für Alltagssituationen oder Fachsprache für berufliche Kommunikation - Verständnis und Übersetzen von deutschen Texten zu vielfältigen Themen - thematisches Vokabeltraining zur Erweiterung des deutschen Wortschatzes - Vermittlung fundierter Grammatikkenntnisse und diverse, praxisnahe Grammatikübungen - selbstständiges Verfassen von Texten in deutscher Sprache mit unterschiedlichen Inhalten - Verbesserung der deutschen Aussprache (Phonetik) - Diskutieren, Argumentieren, Überzeugen und Präsentieren - Meinungsäußerungen und Vertreten des eigenen Standpunktes - Verhandlungssprache und Konferenzsprache - Bürokommunikation, d.h. Telefonieren, Geschäftskorrespondenz und branchenspezifischer Schriftverkehr in deutscher Sprache - Wiederholung und Reaktivierung verschütteter Vorkenntnisse - Prüfungsvorbereitung auf alle Deutsch-Sprachprüfungen, z.B. die DSH-Prüfung für ausländische Studenten und Studienkandidaten - Deutsch-Nachhilfeunterricht auf allen Stufen und für alle Altersgruppen - Deutsch-Nachhilfe für deutsche Schüler sowie Deutsch-Prüfungsvorbereitung, z.B. Vorbereitung auf die Deutsch-Abschlussprüfung der Realschule, das Deutsch-Abitur sowie Deutsch-Fachabitur  



Our German classes and private, one-on-one German lessons can mainly focus on: 

speaking German correctly and fluently - listening comprehension - general or special German communication in speaking and writing - teaching colloquial language for everyday life and special language for business and your job - understanding and translating German texts dealing with a variety of topics - teaching and practising vocabulary and grammar - writing texts in German (reports, essays, letters, articles ...) - improving your German pronunciation - discussing, convincing and presenting - expressing your opinion - explaining your standpoint - developing negotiating skills - office communication in German (telephoning, writing business letters, making appointments ...) - repetition of vocabulary and German grammar - preparation for your job interview and all language examinations - additional German lessons for pupils, students and adults ...    


Individueller Deutschunterricht bei qualifizierten Deutsch-Dozenten unserer Sprachschule in Berlin Mitte und Berlin Charlottenburg, Einzeltraining ab 25,00 € pro Unterrichtseinheit (= 60 Minuten) für Erwachsene, Kinder und Jugendliche - ohne zusätzliche Kosten!


Our language school does not charge any registration fees for the individual German lessons / German classes.

The clients of our Berlin language school only have to pay for the German classes they take plus teaching material and reference books (textbooks, dictionaries etc.).


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